Regeneration ISEF Rules and Resources

Resources for Regional Fair Management

Presentations at the Fall 2023 Workshop

Fall 2023 Workshop Overview (ppt)
Increasing the Quality of Projects (ppt)

Presentations at the Fall 2022 Workshop

From Passion to Project (ppt)
IRB Training Materials_Human Subjects_2022 (ppt)
PHBA Training 2022 (ppt)
Successfully Developing & Practicing Science Research Presentations (pdf slides)

Presentations at the Fall 2021 Workshop

Fall 2021 Workshop Overview (ppt)
Mentoring in STEM Research (ppt)
Understanding Permits for Organisms Regulated by DPI – Permitting Resources (pdf)
SSEF Entry Procedures (pdf)
SSEF Scientific Review Paperflow (pdf)

SSEF of Florida Science Review Committee (SRC)

All Projects entering the SSEF of Florida are required to be reviewed and APPROVED by the SSEF of Florida Scientific Review Committee (SRC) before competition. In Addition, all SSEF affiliated fair directors and selected representatives are required to participate in the final review process.

Only APPROVED projects are eligible for competition in the SSEF of Florida.

Members of the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) for the State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida are available to assist students, teachers, and fair directors with rules questions.

For ISEF or SSEF of Florida rules questions, students, teachers, and fair directors may contact the SSEF of Florida Science Review Committee.

Contact the SSEF of Florida Science Review Committee:

State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida Resources

MLA and APA Formatting and Style Guide
Why Science Fair? (PowerPoint)
Science Fair Research Process (PowerPoint)
SRC Examples 2013 (PowerPoint)
ISEF Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Adults (PowerPoint)
Scientific and Engineering Methods
Why Science Fairs are Important
Teacher’s Guide to Science Projects
Invasive Plants Online Book
Using Simple Statistics to Ensure Science Fair Success
Mini Cases on Choosing Appropriate Statistical Tests for Ecological Data

Presentations at the 2016 Fall Meeting

Statistics for Science Fairs  (presented at 2016 Fall Meeting)
Statistics for Science Fairs Cheat Sheet  (thanks to Salt Lake Valley SSEF)
Florida SSP and STS Overview  (presented at 2016 Fall Meeting)
Regeneron STS