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We have made the decision to suspend this year’s 65th State Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) of Florida. 

Under current global and regional health circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 viral epidemic, we have determined that it is not in the best interests of the public health of Florida’s citizens to conduct this year’s SSEF.  The risks to more than 950 student finalists, their families, schools, communities, and the more than 800 adult volunteers that support the event, are far too great to justify this year’s SSEF.  This event brings together representatives of every age and every region of the state, and the close person-to-person contact during the 3-day event provides for unimpeded viral transmission.

We appreciate all of the hard work that the student finalists, teachers, mentors, and others have accomplished this year.  The regional science and engineering fairs of Florida were all a great success and we congratulate all the competitors and the winners who received a bid for the 65th SSEF of Florida.

We know that most students and adults will be disappointed with our decision, but we trust everyone will understand that it was made with the best interests of our population in mind.

Bill Herschleb, Chair, Florida Foundation for Future Scientists