Category Place Award Judges

Join us to support young scientists of the 66th VIRTUAL Science and Engineering Fair of Florida, 2021. 

NOTE:  It is critical that you provide the correct email that will be used to contact you from the platform we will be using during the Judging process. 

You may register at

The 66th State Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) of Florida will be a virtual competition that includes a judged competition and distribution of awards.  This is an incredible undertaking and we do believe that a face-to-face/in person science fair cannot be replaced with this virtual experience or as a long term or future solution for science fair competition!  We are seeking your help and expertise to provide a positive experience for our SSEF Finalists – just as you always do.  We have had several Judges participate in the review of the platform RocketJudge ( ) and help us make this possible.  All judges will need a device that has wi-fi access during the entire Judging process.

The 66th SSEF of Florida will be VIRTUAL asynchronous (Round 1) and synchronous (Round 2).  The asynchronous judging (slide show/videos) will be reviewed and scored “on your own” March 28th – March 30th with the group/Category Team discussion at 6:00 PM on March 30th to determine the FOCUS group for virtual synchronous (live) judging to be held Thursday morning, April 1st with the Category Team discussion held at noon to rank the Finalists in the FOCUS group.  Immediately following this report, Round 3 with Judging Captains to determine the Grand Awards (ISEF Finalists) will take place in the discussion rooms.

Your actual time commitment is as follows:

  • Sunday, March 28 (Noon) through Tuesday, March 30th (4:00) is “on your own” scoring the assigned project videos (no more than 10 minutes each). This could be 10 – 12 projects so we have all projects scored at least 3 times.
  • March 30th at 6:00 PM – All Category Teams will meet in individual discussion rooms to select the FOCUS group – top ½ of the Category. This a live interaction among your Team members.
  • Thursday, April 1st – 9:00 – noon for interviews and noon – 1:00 meet with Category Team to rank the projects. Each project will be interviewed at least 3 times. Category Teams meet at noon in their discussion rooms to rank the projects interviewed.
  • Training opportunities on the platform will be provided during March before actual Judging.

Click here to view the detailed Virtual Judging Schedule for each Round beginning March 28th and ending April 1st.