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The SSEF Display and Safety Committee is the final authority on display and safety issues for projects approved by the SRC to compete in the State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida. Occasionally, the SSEF Display and Safety may require students to make revisions to conform to display and safety regulations.

Display and Safety Regulations
SSEF Project Set Up Approval Form

NOTE:  Display and Safety for SSEF of Florida (In addition to ISEF rules pp. 26-28)

  1. There will be no electricity available at the SSEF of Florida.
  2. No project materials may be distributed to judges.
  3. All projects will sit on a table (no floor-standing displays will be allowed). Projects may not exceed 72” in height from the table, 30” in depth, and 48” width.
  4. Projects MUST be capable of standing upright without toppling, even against normal indoor air currents (such as when someone walks by quickly, the air conditioner turning on, etc.).
  5. Acknowledgements to recognize the contributions of a university, professional organization or mentor, or grant funding agency MUST be contained to one section of the poster/board, be in text-only format, and may not include a logo.