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You are Invited to Sponsor an Award at the
69th State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida

The State’s Largest Academic STEM Competition
April 2 – 4, 2024
RP Funding Center, Lakeland, Florida

Description of Special Awards Program

The Special Awards Program is a vital component of the State Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) of Florida – STEM Competition. These awards recognize talented youth for their dedication and commitment to scientific research and inspire young people by giving them confidence in their abilities and encouraging their study of science. This program offers a unique opportunity for organizations to support and encourage achievements by young people in STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math.

The Awards Program depends on the generosity of Donors. Donors include individuals at the local, state, and national levels from businesses, industry, institutions, government agencies, and scientific professional organizations.

Donation Process

To donate Special Awards, Scholarships, and/or Internship Opportunity Awards, simply complete the appropriate form provided on our website and send by December 15. The actual award(s) must be received NO LATER than January 15th.

Donors may provide Judges to interview and select the Finalists who will receive their organization’s awards. Donors may request that their award be used wherever needed (FFFS discretionary). This allows the FFFS to maintain a balance of awards in each Category. Please note: Awards cannot be restricted to a project from a particular Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

We thank you in advance for donating and providing opportunities for awards at the 67th State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida. Please take time to offer this opportunity to others who might be interested in this opportunity. We look forward to working with you at the 2022 SSEF-STEM Competition.

If you or your organization would like to become an initial sponsor, please feel free to contact me directly regarding this opportunity.

The SSEF is administered by the FFFS, an organization that is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in science and engineering education in Florida. The FFFS is designated a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the Revenue Service (FEID number 59-6155014).

Special Award Pamphlet
Special Award Junior Section
Special Award Senior Section
Scholarship Award
Opportunity Award