The SSEF of Florida Awards for the year 2021 may be accessed at:ssefflorida.com/award-winners/ You can also watch our Grand Awards Ceremony at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6uGbv5krXU ...
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We will be broadcasting the awards starting at 8pm as we ran into some issues. Please stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6uGbv5krXU ...
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ISEF alumni return to talk about their paths to entrepreneurship. Don't miss the Innovation and Entrepreneurship panel at #RegeneronISEF! https://bit.ly/2RwH2FR

SCPS #RegeneronISEF Finalist 2021 Spotlight: @BearNationWSHS student Varsha Naga - Celebrate her great work in virtual booth MCRO 010! #STEMinoleCounty #InnovateFL (@Petes_dragons @FloridaSSEF @EducationFL @Society4Science)

BOOTH LINK: https://projectboard.world/isef/project/mcro010---bcn-coated-medical-devices-resist-infection?rc=yzqdxzpj

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Next week, students from across the nation are in for a treat! They’ll have the opportunity to hear from astronauts aboard the @Space_Station. We will save you a virtual spot.

⚡ Check out the schedule here: https://go.nasa.gov/2RWwqzX

SCPS #RegeneronISEF Finalist 2021 Spotlight: @CroomsAoIT1 student Siddharth Kini - Check out his virtual booth ROBO 040! #STEMinoleCounty #InnovateFL (@FloridaSSEF @EducationFL @Society4Science)

BOOTH LINK: https://projectboard.world/isef/project/robo040---ai-to-identify-metastatic-cancer-in-lymph-nodes?rc=yzqdxzpj

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