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Congratulations to the FLORIDA 2024 Regeneron STS Scholars!

Society for Science proudly announces the top 300 scholars in the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2024, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. The Regeneron Science Talent Search provides students a national stage to present original research and celebrates the hard work and novel discoveries of young scientists who are bringing a fresh perspective to significant global challenges. The 300 scholars and their schools will be awarded $2,000 each.

The Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars were selected from 2,162 applications received from 712 high schools across 46 states, Guam, Puerto Rico and ten other countries. Scholars were chosen based on their exceptional research skills, commitment to academics, innovative thinking and promise as scientists and hail from 196 American and international high schools and homeschools in 36 states and China.

Milo Akerman, Age: 18
School for Advanced Studies – Wolfson, FL
Project Title: Classification of Poisonous Russula Species Using CBAM-Integrated Convolutional Neural Networks and Bayesian Optimization

Jacob Noah Federici, Age: 18
American Heritage School, FL
Project Title: Mitigation of Decreased Protein Synthesis Under Elevated Carbon Dioxide in Arabidopsis thaliana Using Transgenic and Exogenous Approaches

Hannah Flitman, Age: 18
Berkeley Preparatory School, FL
Project Title: Exploring Racial Disparities in Auto Insurance Pricing: A Novel Geographical Information Systems Approach to Analyzing Fatality and Rate Discrepancies

Priya Ghanta, Age: 18
Pine Crest School, FL
Project Title: Soluble Plasma Proteins of Tumor Necrosis Factor and Immunoglobulin Superfamilies Reveal New Insights Into Immune Regulation in People With HIV and Opioid Use Disorder

Nira Goyal, Age: 17
Martin County High School, FL
Project Title: Quantification of Macrophomina phaseolina Survival After Organic Soil Treatments Under Multiple Temperature Regimes

Meghna Manjith, Age: 18
Wiregrass Ranch High School, FL
Project Title: Preventing Surgical Site Infections: Designing a Novel Post-Surgical Treatment Using Silver Nitrate and Ayurvedic Extracts in Combination With DNA Sequence Analysis

Joshua Martoma, Age: 18
Pine Crest School, FL
Project Title: Predicting Criminal Recidivism With an Ensemble Machine Learning Model Using Logistic Regression, Random Forests and Neural Networks

Akansha Mehta, Age: 17
American Heritage School, FL
Project Title: Quorum Quenching Potential of Novel Phytochemicals on Chromobacterium violaceum Quorum Sensing

Maya Mohanty, Age: 18
American Heritage School Boca-Delray, FL
Project Title: Utilizing Caulobacter crescentus To Target the NF-κB-Bcl-2 Pathway and BH3-Only Proteins To Induce Apoptosis in Nasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Ella Pilacek, Age: 17
Oviedo High School, FL
Project Title: Promoting Attraction of Apis mellifera to the Synthetic Scent of the Endangered Orchid Prosthechea cochleata Using Pavlovian Conditioning and Direct Feeding Paradigms for Conservation

Lorenzo Pulmano, Age: 17
American Heritage School, FL
Project Title: A Microwave-Based Machine Learning Approach To Predict Eyewall Replacement Cycles

Rishit Arnav Shaquib, Age: 17
Vanguard High School, FL
Project Title: Bi-Directional Hygiene: Evaluating the Use of Artificial Microbiomes of Commensal Bacteria To Combat Nosocomial Infection

Lana L. Stout, Age: 17
Satellite High School, FL
Project Title: Accelerating Carbon Sequestration Through Olivine Using Direct Mineral Carbonation With Carbonic Acid

Nathan Wei, Age: 17
Buchholz High School, FL
Project Title: Novel Elastomeric Polystyrene via Photopolymerization and Post-Functionalization of Durable Ultra-High Molecular Weight Perfluorostyrene Copolymers

Sunny You, Age: 17
Miami Palmetto Senior High School, FL
Project Title: Predicting Future Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using a Convolutional Neural Network and 20 Years of IMERG Satellite Rainfall Data