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Florida has 31 students recognized as part of the top 300 Middle School Students in STEM Competition out of nearly 2,500 nominees who are competing for a trip to Washington, DC and $100,000+ in prizes. These 31 students are from 13 of our Regional Fairs in the state of Florida!

The Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS (formerly referred to as semi-finalists) represent middle schools from 37 states, Puerto Rico and the Department of Defense overseas. Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS include an approximately equal number of males and females, with 147 girls and 153 boys. The states fielding the most Top 300 competitors include California with 66, Florida with 31 and Texas with 21.

The 30 Broadcom MASTERS Finalists will be announced on September 20. Finalists receive an all-expense paid trip to Washington, DC from October 20 – 25 to showcase their science fair projects at Union Station and compete in a four-day STEM competition for more than $100,000 in awards and prizes, including the coveted $25,000 Samueli Prize. Other top awards include the $20,000 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award for Health Advancement, the $10,000 Marconi/Samueli Award for Innovation and the $7,500 Lemelson Award for Invention.

USFL05 – Thomas Alva Edison RSEF
Gateway Charter Intermediate School
Junwei Tan (7th Grade) Fort Myers, Florida
Autonomous Search and Rescue

Gulf Middle School
Sierra Edelstein (8th Grade) Cape Coral, Florida
The Pearl of the Ocean: Do Freshwater Releases from Lake Okeechobee Affect the Filtration Rate of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in Southwest Florida Estuaries?

USFL07 – East Panhandle RSEF
Okaloosa STEMM Academy
Alexa Drab (8th Grade)* Niceville, Florida
Neonicotinoids’ Role In Colony Collapse Disorder: Infliction or Fiction?

USFL08 – Alachua RSEF
Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Jad Helmy (8th Grade)* Gainesville, Florida
Optimizing and Extending Alzimio to Help Dementia, Autism, and Alzheimer’s Patients

Howard W. Bishop Middle School
James Cohan (8th Grade)* Gainesville, Florida
Determining the Optimal Cooking Method and Pan Material for Preserving Nutrients in White Cauliflower

USFL09 – Broward RSEF
American Heritage School
Gauri Kasarla (8th Grade) Plantation, Florida
Testing the Efficiency of Avastin in Zebrafish Embryos to Design a Control Mechanism for Possible Implications in the Treatment of Hypoxia in Premature Infants

American Heritage School
Sara Kaufman (6th Grade) Cooper City, Florida
The Effects of Wind Mitigation Devices on Gabled Roofs

USFL10 – Northeast Florida RSEF
Darnell Cookman Middle/High School of the Medical Arts
Joel Valan (7th Grade) Jacksonville, Florida
Preventing Zika: The Effect of the pH of Water on the Growth and Survivability of Mosquito Larvae Culex pipiens

Saint Joseph Catholic School
Mailene Miranda (8th Grade) Jacksonville, Florida
What Makes Science A-Peel-ing: Tensile Strength of Banana Fibers

USFL14 – Brevard Intracoastal RSEF
Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School
Alexander LaFortune (8th Grade)* Satellite Beach, Florida
Contaminated vs. Clean, Year 2: The Effects of Unfiltered and UV-filtered Solar Radiation on the Viability of Gram-positive Micrococcus luteus and Gram-negative E. coli K-12 Bacteria

USFL19 – Three Rivers RSEF
North Bay Haven
Samantha Kammerer (8th Grade) Lynn Haven, Florida
Can Cryogenically Preserving Seeds Save Florida’s Citrus From Extinction?

North Bay Haven
Emelia Clark (8th Grade) Panama City, Florida
Oyster Propagation

USFL21 – St. Johns RSEF
Alice B. Landrum Middle School
Natalie Byron (8th Grade) Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Mighty Microgreens: Don’t Judge Your Greens by Their Size

Fruit Cove Middle School
Johnathan Schoenborn (7th Grade) St. Johns, Florida
From Rubbish to Radishes: Does Compost Produce Increased Plant Growth Over Manufactured Fertilizer?

Valley Ridge Academy
Aditya Singh (8th Grade)* Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Developing Distance Based Edge Detection

USFL23 – Seminole RSEF
Jackson Heights Middle School
Laboni Santra (8th Grade) Oviedo, Florida
Tracking Therapeutics in a Leaf Using a Fluorescent Dye

Sanford Middle School
Annika Vaidyanathan (7th Grade) Oviedo, Florida
Can We Have Some Quiet Please? The Effects of Shape and Profile on Noise!

St. Luke’s Lutheran School
Emily Grossenbaugh (8th Grade) Oviedo, Florida
Print vs. Nature

USFL26 – Capital RSEF
Deerlake Middle School
Brock Womble (8th Grade) Tallahassee, Florida
Fish Friendly Lakes: Conducting Water Quality Tests to Determine the Impact of the Surrounding Environment of Lentic Water Systems on Nonpoint Source Pollution Levels Year 2

USFL28 – Brevard Mainland RSEF
West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Nathan Foo (8th Grade)* West Melbourne, Florida
Deriving a Predator-prey Mathematical Model for Regulating the Growth of Harmful Algae Blooms with Different Species of Zooplankton inside of a Water Ecological System

USFL30 – Pasco RSEF
Charles S. Rushe Middle School
Sarah Menard (8th Grade) Odessa, Florida
How Particle Size of Surface Terrain Affects the Amplitude of Seismic Waves Produced by a Meteor Impact

USFL32 – Sarasota RSEF
McIntosh Middle School
Gavin Putnal (8th Grade) Sarasota, Florida
The Best Offense Is a Diaper Defense

USFL34 – Lake RSEF
Tavares Middle School
Luke Burris (8th Grade) Tavares, Florida
Applying the Quantum Inconsistency Problem: Year 2

USFL50 – State Science & Engineering Fair of Florida

Abraham Lincoln Middle School – Alachua RSEF
Anjana Balachandar (7th Grade)* Gainesville, Florida
High-Fives for Wi-Fi

Abraham Lincoln Middle School – Alachua RSEF
Janani Kumaran (7th Grade)* Gainesville, Florida
Can Snails Act as Biological Control Agents for the Aquatic Invasive Plant, Hydrilla?

American Heritage School – Broward RSEF
Andrew Simon (8th Grade) Davie, Florida
Determination of a Correlation Between the Capsaicinoid Concentration of the Fruit of the Genus Capsicum and Organic Growth Conditions

Canterbury School – Thomas Alva Edison RSEF
Maya Chandar (7th Grade)* Fort Myers, Florida
The Effects of High Frequency Shortwaves and Laser Beams on the Metamorphosis of Melittobia digitata (A Novel Second Year Study)

Creekside Middle School – Tomoka RSEF
Scott Tobin (8th Grade)* Port Orange, Florida
By Using A Solar Powered Tesla Coil Can Water Be Made Potable Through Ozonification

Gifford Middle School – Indian River RSEF
Zachary Hessler (6th Grade)* Vero Beach, Florida
Save Our Silence: A Digital Approach To Noise Reduction

Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School – Northeast RSEF
Jasmine Roncevic (8th Grade)* Jacksonville, Florida
Biodegradation of Polystyrene by Tenebrio molitor larvae

Okaloosa STEMM Academy – East Panhandle RSEF
Gabriel Lerner-Sperow (6th Grade) Valparaiso, Florida
Hydrogen Production through Ratio Variance of Sodium Carbonate and Calcium Hydroxide