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Broadcom MASTERS® (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars), a program of Society for Science & the Public, is the premier middle school science and engineering fair competition, inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators who will solve the grand challenges of the 21st century and beyond. We believe middle school is a critical time when young people identify their personal passion, and if they find STEM elements, they can be inspired to follow their passion by taking STEM courses in high school.

The Top 300 MASTERS are honored for their work with a prize package that includes an award ribbon, semifinalist certificate of accomplishment, Broadcom MASTERS backpack, a Broadcom MASTERS decal, a one-year family digital subscription to Science News magazine, an Inventor’s Notebook, courtesy of The Lemelson Foundation, a one-year subscription to Wolfram Mathematica software, courtesy of Wolfram Research and a special prize from Jeff Glassman, CEO of Covington Capital Management. In recognition of the role that teachers play in the success of their students, each Top 300 MASTERS’ designated teacher also will receive a Broadcom MASTERS tote bag, a one-year digital subscription to Science News magazine, and a special edition booklet of Invention and Innovation articles, courtesy of The Lemelson Foundation.

The Top 300 MASTERS include more females than males with 152 girls and 145 boys selected from a record 2,537 applicants. The students come from 35 states, with 78 from California, 33 from Florida and 21 from Texas.



USFL05 Canterbury School Jason Nanda (6th Grade) Fort Myers, Florida

Does Transmission Efficiency Correlate with Long-Term Durability in Worm Gear Reducers?


USFL07 Okaloosa STEMM Academy Gabriel Lerner-Sperow (7th Grade)*Niceville, Florida

Fueling the Future: Hydrogen Production Yield and Rate Dependent upon Aluminum Surface Area


USFL08 Abraham Lincoln Middle School Anjana Balachandar (8th Grade)*Gainesville, Florida

The Behavior of Bent Backbones


USFL08 Abraham Lincoln Middle School Janani Kumaran (8th Grade)*Gainesville, Florida

Integrated Control of the Invasive Aquatic Plant Hydrilla Using Snails and a Plant Growth Regulator (Continuation Project: Year 2)


USFL08 Abraham Lincoln Middle School Akash Verma (7th Grade)*Gainesville, Florida

Boosting Cognitive Skills: An EEG Study


USFL09 Canterbury School Maya Chandar (8th Grade)*Fort Myers, Florida

The Effect of Laser Beams on the Cellular Respiration and ATP Production in Zophobas morio (A Novel 3rd Year Study)


USFL09 American Heritage School Christian Custodio (8th Grade) Coral Springs, Florida Florida

Analysis of Monotherapy and Combination Therapy on Helicobacter felis


USFL09 American Heritage School Rohan Kumar (8th Grade) Miramar, Florida

Subculturing Coccolithophores with Iron Fertilization to Sequester Carbon Dioxide as a Potential Solution to Global Warming


USFL09 Crystal Lake Middle School Khushi Desai (7th Grade) Coral Springs, Florida

Effect of Colloidal Solution Turbidity on Optimum Consumption of Metal-Based Coagulant in Clarification of Colloidal Particles from Solution


USFL10 Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School Chace Caven (7th Grade)*Jacksonville, Florida

Designing Ligands that Dock with Mutated LRRK2 Proteins as a Potential Intervention for Parkinson’s Disease


USFL10 Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School Nicole Stover (8th Grade)*Jacksonville, Florida

The Effect of Dissolved Oxygen Augmentation on the Kratky Non-Circulating Method of Hydroponic Tomato Cultivation


USFL14 Ronald McNair Magnet Middle School Kai Aravena (8th Grade) Melbourne, Florida

The Safest Catcher’s Mask


USFL15 Saint Rose of Lima Catholic School Gabriela Muriel (8th Grade) Aventura, Florida

Paraplegics Achieving Stability in the Vertical Wind Tunnel


USFL15 John I. Smith K–8 Center Carina Mariaca (8th Grade) Doral, Florida

Squeeze the Green


USFL17 Lake Highland Preparatory School Varun Madan (8th Grade)*Orlando, Florida

Field Testing of Feeding Bacterium Bifidobacterium infantis (Found in a Human Gut Probiotic) in Order to Improve Honey Bee Health


USFL17 Orange County Preparatory Academy Mikayla Simmons (8th Grade) Orlando, Florida

The Number 7 May Prove to be Lucky with Cancer


USFL19 Covenant Christian School Colin Campbell (8th Grade) Panama City, Florida

The Effect of In-Water Application of Vibration on the Posterior Regeneration of Dugesia tigrina


USFL19 Surfside Middle School Lillian Mefford (8th Grade) Panama City Beach, Florida

Operation Turtle Grass: Exploring the Relationship Between Turbidity and Thalassia testudinum in St. Andrew Bay and Grand Lagoon


USFL21 Fruit Cove Middle School Lourdes McKay (8th Grade) St. Johns, Florida

Mythbusting: Does Coffee Roast Style Affect Caffeine Concentrations?


USFL21 Liberty Pines Academy Hannah Rivkin (7th Grade) St Augustine, Florida

Which Airfoil Type Can Achieve the Greatest Angle of Attack (CL Max) Without Losing Lift?


USFL23 Sanford Middle School Deepika Kannan (8th Grade)*Oviedo, Florida

Li-fi Versus Wi-fi: Factors Affecting Data Transmission Across Electromagnetic



USFL23 Sanford Middle School Annika Vaidyanathan (8th Grade)*Oviedo, Florida

The Sweet Sound of Silence: A New Design for Quieter Vent and Fan Grilles (Year 2 Study)


USFL23 Sanford Middle School Kyra Henriques (7th Grade)  Sanford, Florida

Testing the Antimicrobial Properties of Herbs and Spices on Aerobic Microbes in Milk


USFL23 Seminole Science Charter School Timo Horn (6th Grade) Winter Park, Florida

Performance Difference Between Lithium-Based Automotive Greases


USFL29 American Heritage School of Boca Delray Ayden Lapon (8th Grade) Delray Beach, Florida

Does Bacteria Show Aggressive and Territorial Behavior?


USFL29 The Weiss School Benjamin Barron (8th Grade) Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Coronary Stent Design and Optimization


USFL30 Charles S. Rushe Middle School Hailey Mahadeen (8th Grade) Lutz, Florida



USFL31 Gifford Middle School Zachary Hessler (7th Grade)*Vero Beach, Florida

SOS 2: See Our Silence; An Optical Approach to Controlling Digital Noise Cancellation


USFL31 Storm Grove Middle School Lucero Long (8th Grade)*Vero Beach, Florida

Do You Get My Drift? The Effect of Drift Reduction Agent on Spray Patterns


USFL50 Howard Middle School Vivek Sandrapaty (7th Grade)*Ocala, Florida

Take a Dive into the Future of Water Safety: An Idea for a Small Electronic Device that May Prevent Accidental Drowning in Swimming Pools


USFL50 Lawton Chiles Middle School Varsha Naga (8th Grade)*Oviedo, Florida

Rush to Green Gold: Comparative Efficiency of Biofuel Processed from Green Sources versus Fossil Fuels


USFL50Pine Ridge Middle School Benno Hermans (7th Grade) Naples, Florida



USFL50 West Shore Junior/Senior High School Kaylee Krininger (8th Grade) Melbourne, Florida  Determining if a Method Using Chemical and Gelid Temperature Cell Lysis can Most Effectively Decellularize Bos taurus Renal Tissue while Preserving the Extracellular Matrix Scaffolding and Other Intracellular Contents (A Second Year Study)