ROUND 1: Virtual/Remote Judging of Video/Audio Presentations
March 28th – March 30th

  • SSEF Judges will be assigned a Category. Rocket Judge will randomly assign Judges to projects. Each project will be Judged at least 3 times and scores will be submitted for the Collaboration Session.
  • March 30th – 6:00 PM – Category Judges will meet in assigned rooms on Rocket Judge to determine the FOCUS Group (1/2 the Category) for Round 2 remote/live Judging.
  • March 30th – 9:00 PM – Fair Directors/Focus Group Finalists will be notified for Round 2 Judging.
  • The ORBIT Group will NOT participate in remote/live interview Judging.

ROUND 2: Remote/Live Judging for FOCUS GROUP in each Category
April 1st, Thursday      9:30 AM – 12:00 Noon

  • Fair Director needs to make a PLAN for these interviews for the FOCUS Group Finalists to be able to participate – just as they would for travel to SSEF
  • Fair Director/Designated Teacher will need to provide a location/site where students can participate live through Rocket Judge
  • For secure/safety/troubleshooting, it is expected that this assigned adult is available to assist and communicate with SSEF. This assigned adult is not to interact with the Judging Interviews
  • The ORBIT Group will not be notified or participating in interviews
  • 2 to 3 SSEF Judges at a time will be assigned Projects for remote interviews
  • Finalists being interviewed may have their log book and any products/devices needed to further explain their project and show the Judges. A display is not necessary as Judges will have access to all documents from Round 1
  • Rocket Judge will provide the Judges and Finalists their interview times by email
  • Judges will meet in Category Rooms to rank projects for Category Place Awards

ROUND 3: Best of Show Judging
April 1st, Thursday     1:30 PM

  • Judging Captains for each Category will meet in rooms to determine winners using data from Rounds 1 and 2.
  • Finalists will NOT BE PRESENT for Round 3 Judging.

Wednesday March 31st     9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

  • Any Judges for Special Awards may view the Virtual Video/Audio Presentations to determine their winner(s).
  • ALL projects will be available for viewing – FOCUS and ORBIT Groups
  • Winners must be submitted by 4:00 PM, Wednesday, March 31st.


TBD ‐ Pending the offerings of Scholarship Nominations, students will have to submit an application by a required deadline. Remote/Live Interviews will then be scheduled through Rocket Judge with the Finalists who applied and the Scholarship Judge.