Lauren shared her research cancerous tumors, metaphorically comparing them to athletes. Watch to learn more! ...

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#RegeneronSTS & #IntelISEF alumna Amber Yang wants to keep astronauts safe from space debris. via @voxdotcom https://t.co/mDckrM40Lr

Science fairs were instrumental in cultivating my passion for science. I competed in >20 and won at 1998 ISEF. So I'm thrilled today to be joining the @Society4Science National Leadership Council to help guide this important organization into the future.

I harp on #reflection as a defining hallmark of great teachers. If you don’t spend your commute reflecting on what worked and what needs improvement, you’re not doing #teaching and #learning justice. https://t.co/OSgCbhBG7v

According to @USNews, there are ~30 million unfulfilled jobs in the US that require #STEMeducation beyond high school. Despite this number, we’re thrilled to see the rise in organizations working next to us to educate the next generation of talent: https://t.co/tEvzWKNjpV

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